Having a bad day because your Computer crashed, Sluggish performance, suspicions of virus infection, computer locked, error messages, cant log online, too many pop-ups, lost passwords, don’t have the right software, or tried installing something but couldn’t get it working properly?

Whatever the case, I can help. I’m a computer professional and have been doing tons of computer work for years. I have worked for small & large companies and in my spare time I like to help people with any computer problems. Instead of taking your PC problems to a Computer Repair shop, who would usually promise be inexpensive but eventually end up high, let me take a look first and I’m sure that I could provide an excellent service at a Fraction of the Cost! Every single one of my customers has loved my work and I mostly work on referrals (which keep me really busy) but as I have a few more help, I can do more computers now with the same quick Turnaround. We can talk about the prices and I will stick to that price even if it takes me longer to do the work so long as it gets done right. After I finish the repairs, I go over everything I did and provide training/tutorial on avoiding future problems. After my maintenance, over 90% of similar problems won’t return so you know that you won’t have to keep fixing your computer every so often. Quite sure you will be happy with your system afterwards. People have often asked me to do the following:

Laptop Hardware and Software installation upgrade & repair
PC hardware and Software upgrade & repair
Emergency Data Recovery
Data Transfers
Reset Passwords
Virus / Popup Windows/ Trojan Removal /Spyware, Adware
Operating system installation and Support
Router, Switch, Hubs, firewalls settings
PC / Network trouble shooting
Cable / DSL Internet installation
Office LAN installation
High Speed internet/Dial-up
Intrusion Prevention
Wireless Networking
Hardware/Software troubleshooting

I can do a lot more and better yet, without any of the salesman type of spiel.

Feel free to call me at 917-946-7766