Property Management available for potential landlords requirements are as follows:

1. Must own or rent a minimum of 4 rooms
2. Must be willing to pay a minimum of 10% of all rent collected
3. Must not live on the premises where property management is required
4. Must be in need of services meaning the tenants are not paying or you need them to leave ASAP

Requirements are a must Room Hunters Mngt has over 3yrs experience if you do not meet them this is not for you sorry!!!…. The job includes Evictions (up until the marshals’ are brought in), placement of tenants in unoccupied rooms, weekly collection reports showing who paid and who didn’t, and routine maintenance and up keep on the property (at landlord’s expense). This is a performance based job meaning if we don’t collect rent WE DONT GET PAID!!!!! If interested call 917-645-4455 ask 4 Will