Travel Safely in the Bronx

In the Bronx people are really concerned about travel these days, and for good reason. With the flu, the pandemic, and just a dirty transit system, most do not want to grab hold of anything that other people have touched before them. Many commuters can be seen tucking their hands into their jackets before holding subway poles, or bus handles. And do you blame them?

But why do the tuck when you can get a grip; the Frenka handle grip!

Frenka Handle Grip

Bronx Commuters Travel Safety GadgetSo what is it, and why get yourself a Frenka handle grip travel gadget?

Frenka is an easy to store, easy to use handle grip.

Why use one? Because, germs are everywhere during your commute, and especially during these days you need to take extra precautions and avoid touching the train bars that everyone else has touched, and help limit the spread of germs to yourself, family and community. Frenka is an easy way to help you commute in The Bronx in a more clean, and stress-free manner!

Frenka is a portable, travel gadget to be used during your commute. The primary purpose of Frenka is to aid in germ prevention by creating a barrier between a commuter’s hand and the subway or bus bars.

Commuters will instead hold onto Frenka’s stress ball handle, that not only will provide support and comfort, but can be used as a stress relief by squeezing playfully on the stress ball handle.

Why those who try a Frenka handle grip love them:

First, because they are easy to use. You simply:

Hang the hook onto the bar and hold onto the comfortable stress ball hold.
The hook snugs tightly around the bar.
To remove, simply unhook it from the bar for a quick release and go.

Bronx Commuters Travel Safety Gadget

Avoid touching subway & bus bars, rails & doors to reduce your exposure of catching or spreading germs by getting your very own Frenka handle grip. For more information on our travel gadget, and to learn how easy it is to make your commute more safe in The Bronx please visit our website at: